What Does An Interior Designer ACTUALLY Do?

(V.O) can you just go find some just cushions for me? just make the space look pretty will you finish this by tomorrow we need it asap I want clean lines that is way too expensive I don’t like that I do not like that I really don’t like that let’s start. Hi! my name is Aida Ziari I have worked as an interior designer for over ten years Architects, engineers, tradespeople, interior decorators all fill different role in this industry the purpose of this video is to identify the scope of interior designers work and explain the details of the knowledge needed and the work involved. documentation must be prepared specifying the details on all aspects such as elevation, ceiling, electrical plan, finishes etc to make clear the needs before the construction commences safety is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to design study and knowledge of building code, fire safety, demising walls fire rating, exit requirement are all needed. ultimately offices, restaurants, bars all need to be safe.

Interior designer must have detailed knowledge of all these requirements for people safety. space planning and universal design are very important too. an interior designer must consider so many details such as size of the hallway, washrooms, emergency lighting, occupancy load and a lot more in general accessibility and functionality of this space is critical when creating and designing a project. the selection of interior material that is morally and cosmetically Pleasant but also durable and practical is very important when interior designers choose material they consider very important factors such as the slip resistance of the floor wall finishes that needs to be fire rated air quality and VOC of the material and they make sure they meet the health regulation and the codes now our society is adapting to climate change green design becoming a focus when interior designers planning a project they must consider a lot of things such as indoor air quality, bringing natural light to the space, using more natural material, reducing water consumption, reducing noise levels in other words they should work on a design that leads to a greener tomorrow earlier on I mentioned architects and interior decorators who playing an important part in the home construction industry and I would like to take a few moment to explain the differences between their roles.

An interior decorator can furnish and decorate the space but they’re not eligible like an interior designer to provide detail of space planning construction drawing and other tasks outlined in this video interior designers too have limitation to their eligibility in certain situations any project that is more than three floors and each floor is larger than six thousand four hundred fifty eighty square feet or six hundred square meter requires architectural skills in those situation an architect required to be involved and usually they work with an interior designer in such a project this is the perfect career for anyone who has keen sense of design visualization skills and the ability to create and imagine this space all in all and interior designers aims to create magical results thank you for watching this video leave me a comment if you want to know more about interior design career and what they do on daily basis and subscribe if you haven’t done that already bye for now

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