Sealy Posturepedic Sure Elegance Mattress Pad by Pacific Coast Feather


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Interior Design Tips & Tricks | Overhaul

(upbeat guitar music) – So here we are in Ro’s new living room, and I am going to bring you through some of the design tips we used to create this really beautiful space. Tip number one is think about flow. Before Ro had a problem with flow, because she had a gigantic sofa that just blocked the room off from the rest of the house. What we did was, we broke up the sofa. One of the considerations here is that Ro has a lot of people in this room, and we needed a lot of seating. But what we didn’t wanna do is have her guests feel like they were penned in. So, we have one large sectional sofa, that accommodates 10 people. And there’s flow through here. And we’ve broken it up with a second matching sofa.

We also paired two chairs, which flank the fire. What else helps in this space is that we have a circular table, so there’s no angles that lead people in or out or sort of box them in. Tip number two, coordinated color palette. So, there’s a lot going on in this room, and it actually flows into the kitchen. So we wanted the whole space to be seamless. We have consistent marble in the coffee table, and in the kitchen. We have consistent nickel accents so all of the hardware in the kitchen as well as the pieces we’ve chosen in the living room and in this shelf are all nickel accent.

And we also have this consistent gray palette. So we wanted to pick up the color of the veins in Ro’s marble and backsplash. And we wanted to bring that all the way through to the living room so it feels easy, styled, comfortable, but it’s one seamless space that they can utilize for Ro’s production. Tip number three. When you’re styling with a really muted color palette like this, think about textures. So, what makes this really interesting, even though it’s sort of shades of gray, is that, we have polished marble. We have satin nickel. We have a really great tweed. We have silk in the rug. And we have a rough linen in the chairs. And then we’ve got this non-honed, dry finished marble on the coffee table. And what that’s allowing us to do is to mix all of these colors, but still have it be visually interesting. So, when you go tonal, go textured.

– Hey guys, we’re gonna do some tips and tricks on how we did Ro’s home office. Tip number one, spacial configuration. One of the biggest things we had to think about when we did Ro’s office is, where everything would go so the flow was really, really good. We put all of our L-shaped desks back to back in order to make these zones. One is the back area which is the private accounting zone, computers facing the wall, and the front area is the more public zone, where Ro and Molly are doing their work and they have this great seating area. So it’s broken up into two zones that are really functional. Tip two, noise dampening in an office. I think one of the big considerations that Ro wanted was, how do we take this space and make it much more quiet, and we did that by adding things like carpets and the sofa. All of these bigger pieces absorb sound and now, the entire office is really calm and cozy and exactly what Ro wanted.

Tip three, cord management. When you’re thinking about an open office plan like this, where the desks are floating, it’s really important to consider cord management. So in the case of Ro’s office, the desks themselves came with one port for cords, and we actually custom drilled holes in the other end of the desk for Ro’s desk light, so those cords were taken care of as well. So when you walk into the space, it’s really clean and clutter free. – Hey everybody, here we are in Ro’s bedroom. And I wanted to talk about what we did design-wise to pull this whole room together. So I’m gonna give you a couple of tips. Tip number one is choose a color palette. So in Ro’s room, we chose this really great color palette, of gray and little bit of gray-green, and linen. And so we’ve picked that up across the room. The gray in the nightstands, linen in the headboard, we’ve got linen on the sofa, so the room feels really tied together.

Because it’s got a neutral palette, it has a real sense of calm, which is something that Ro was really looking for this time around in her bedroom. Tip number two, metallics. So in Ro’s room, because we were working with and existing chandelier which is very sparkly, we chose to use all of these nickel accents in here to enhance the chandelier. We also brought in some of the silver in the mercury glass side lamps. So there’s really a gray and silver and neutral palette happening here, which makes the room really calm and consistent.

Tip number three, think about room functionality. When we came into this room, we realized that there were a couple of things going for it. It has great light, so lots of windows. It has a very high ceiling. And it also has lots of room. And so, just like the rest of the house, Ro really wanted her bedroom to be kind of multifunctional. She wanted it to be a bedroom, but it’s also, a little bit of a media room. So we added in a seating area beside the bed and brought in side tables, which is pretty unusual for a bedroom, but actually works in here, because of the scale.

We added seating to the end of the bed, so people can watch TV or, you know, when you’re putting your shoes on, Ro can sit there, and there’s also extra seating in the corner. So this room goes beyond being a bedroom and becomes a very functional media room as well. .

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Purple™ PowerBase: The Adjustable Bed that You Never Knew You Always Wanted

For more than half a century robots have been trying to figure out how to Watch TV in bed. It wasn’t always this easy. At first we blamed ourselves. Maybe we’re just not programed to relax in bed? Only after experiencing the Purple PowerBase did we finally realize, we’re not the problem our old bed base was! Honestly, I’m ashamed. That thing goes against everything robots represent. Boring, ugly, no tech! My legs were my favorite feature. Now look at them. Look at them! Ah! That thing is literally worse than legos in the carpet. Other adjustable beds where… underwhelming. Some were clunky. And… Dumb. Like first generation Cylons. I don’t want the skin-tight color-coded morphsuit of bed bases, I want the UltraZord! And we just love TV.

Turn your bed base into your home base. No matter the activity, Purple PowerBase’s programmable positions have got your back and legs and butt. No more strained necks from propping up on elbows & pillows. Purple PowerBase is great for It’s so advanced, it’s like resting on comfy Iron Man. And I totally fine with that! You can also control positions using the wireless remote or Purple’s very own smartphone app. If you sleep like us, together but very differently, get our That way the both of you can get the massage you need and sleep however the weird you want. Got a “loud processor”? Try the Anti-Snore position. Want to try a position and with an awesome name? Try Zero Gravity. Humans will be happy to know that it not only simulates weightlessness, it takes the pressure off your heart and lower back and betters blood flow and opens airways and improves breathing and relaxes sore muscles and even reduces swelling and acid reflux. It’s cool as cool a NASA! Ready to go back to Earth? Hit the one-touch flat button. And how about a massage in your own bed? I’m tired of those guys at the mall.

The Purple PowerBase’s crown jewel is the Royal Purple Massage or RPM. It helps to ease tension and fall asleep and stay asleep. You know, after a long day at work. “Is this a robot call?” Why, yes it is! Hello? Oh. While other base massagers vibrate and thump, ruining your bed frame and decimating your cool points. RPM uses patented technology to create a true resonant frequency massage, tuned to the pitch of Purple. Purple PowerBase has so many features, every night feels like a Daft Punk concert.

So dance how you want to. The pro-grip micro-hook retention system will keep your mattress in place. While the under bed lighting, lights the way. Tired of doing the robot? Just plug in to one of our USB or AC ports and charge up. I’m a robot doing the robot! With quick assembly and adjustable height, Purple PowerBase can transform your sleeping experience in a flash! You can even use it with your existing bed frame. Lose that disgusting box spring. You wouldn’t put R2D2 on a crop duster, so don’t put it in nice mattress on a boring no-feature base. Don’t have a nice mattress? Get Purple. Purple PowerBase is optimized for the Purple mattress. You’re old bed base is the worst. Sleep and watch TV the you way like, sitting up, smiling. Getting a back and butt massage from a Purple PowerBase. Isn’t life great? .

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Interior Design Tips: Top 3 designer approved IKEA products

When I’m shopping for furniture for my clients I’m always always working with a very specific budget in mind but one of my favorite things to mix together are high-priced pieces with some very affordable pieces. And IKEA is the perfect place to shop. This isn’t a paid promotion for IKEA. I like most of you just love their stuff. So my top three favorite IKEA products are on this list because they are great design, versatile, and of course, affordable. The perfect trifecta. Let’s go shopping! Number three on my list of faves from Ikea is the Knodd. Yes it’s a garbage pail.

I love the look of this garbage pail in either white or black. It’s perfect for paper recycling under any Home Office desk but it’s so much more than that. How about using the Knodd pail as a planter. It comes in two different sizes. Or how about a great firewood pail? I love how the handles have been upgraded here. Now that’s an IKEA hack that I’m loving. Number two on my list is the Alex drawer unit.

It comes in a variety of sizes, white and gray, and you can have casters like this. I especially love the no hardware drawer fronts! Just a cutout. It’s a versatile cabinet that has a modern and clean look. The Alex is the perfect storage cabinet for craft rooms or artist studios. The thin drawers are great to store paint, paper and all sorts of supplies. You can easily incorporate the Alex cabinets into a work island or peninsula like this. It’s so great to have storage under large work surfaces. This would be great for a creative studio office or craft room or wrapping room. Martha Stewart would be very proud. And my number one, I love, love, love the IKEA PS cabinet. It comes in white, blue and red but I’m loving the white.

It’s a metal cabinet with a soft industrial look. Side by side they offer tons of storage and a great surface to showcase some lighting. And having that gallery wall above is so very cool. It’s the perfect sideboard in any room. You can even use it in your bedroom like this. I love a great big night stand and the PS Cabinet is the perfect height next to your bed. And of course, it’s great as a media cabinet under your TV! So there you have it… my top three IKEA products that I love because 1) they’re great design, 2) versatile and 3) affordable.

Mix them up with other great pieces and you’ll have an eclectic mix of furniture in your home. Thanks for watching this little design tip, we’ll have lots more design tips just like this one coming soon so don’t forget to subscribe. We’ve got new videos every week. And don’t forget, if you like this video please give it a thumbs up. See you soon! .

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Easy DIY Baby Blanket Sewing Tutorial

Hi, I’m Jen from Online Fabric Store. Making a baby blanket is fun because you get to choose prints and colors you like. The blanket I’m going to make is quick and easy. So let’s get started. The materials you’ll need are: 1 yard of minky, I’m using Gray Minky Dot fabric, 1 yard of cotton, I’m using Michael Miller Zoology Sea fabric, fabric scissors, a fabric marker, a ruler, ballpoint pins, and thread. Measure a 36 by 36 inch square out of the cotton and minky fabrics. Make sure you’re measuring on the wrong side of the fabric.

Cut out both squares. Place the wrong side of the minky fabric on the table. Center the cotton fabric over the minky with the right side facing up. Fold the edges over 1 inch twice on all four sides and pin. For the corners, snip the extra fabric off at an angle before folding. Stitch with a 1/4 inch seam allowance along the fold line. Back stitch at the beginning and the end. To keep the corners down, stitch along the outside edge. The baby blanket is now complete. By folding the edges over it gives the blanket a border and creates a finished look. You can use either side of this blanket. Thanks for watching this OFS project. .

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Your Home. Your Style: Black Interior Windows

Replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen can give you the look you love with the modern features you need and they come in 49 color combinations and virtually limitless design options to match the style of any home whether it’s traditional white double hung and colonial grilles or this cool mid century modern with sleek black frames .

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Minecraft Tutorial: Interior Design and Decoration #2

Hey guys how’s it going hope you are good! At present we’re gonna be doing one more inside design video for this video i’m gonna be utilizing my big contemporary condominium number three if you have not constructed this condominium you could click on the top right nook or you might simply look at some of these strategies and use them to your own residences so we’re gonna take a seem within to see what we’re gonna be constructing pretty crisp easy design with the kitchen and residing room but this moves proper into the hidden chest room which is more often than not my favorite part seeing that you get lots of storage and you don’t even really detect it so coming out of the chest room are gonna take a look at to the outside where we have now this quite super deck and again I said the Chesire most my favourite phase but I additionally quite like this you could have this huge pool with these lounge chairs and as well as like this bar discipline with this barbecue and sink so now going upstairs we’re gonna seem at the bedrooms this house features two bedrooms both of which can be very good equipped and also both have these quality significant balconies which i suppose is quite excellent now moving down the hallway to bedroom quantity two we have now this excellent colossal hallway gentle that the sun shines straight by means of and this is i suppose you would don’t forget the master bedroom considering that it looks out into the outdoor rather of onto the road and once more has a fairly first-class sitting discipline overlooking the pool so here’s the place i’d most often do a materialist but truthfully for this video there may be going to be method too many so i’d simply follow carefully and then see how it goes so considering the fact that you fold the educational accurately this is what you will have to have just double checking to make sure that yours matches what i have and from here we’re gonna have got to make some minor structural alterations establishing with by means of building a wall for the chest room knocking up these two slabs and off this corner we’re gonna location dark alrightplanks then we’re gonna depart a one block gap from this glowstone for the doorway and then we’re gonna location dark very wellslabs on the top then we’re gonna ought to relocate the staircase and basically simply flip it round going through the other way starting at the high of the dark all rightwall and then making your manner down utilising stone slabs now we’re gonna fill in this wall with white concrete and make a window for what’s going to soon be the kitchen knocking out these two blocks and filling it with black stained glass panes and over here we’re gonna knock out four blocks and make a window ultimately we must do the most stressful part and that is totally my fault after I constructed the condominium I failed to have an understanding of that having a dismal very wellceiling would make the room suppose particularly darkish i know i am an fool so I replaced all of the dark alrightwith quartz slabs and this of path will make the ceiling white which makes the room believe rather a lot brighter you can additionally need to change these darkish okaydoors now with that out the entire means we would see what a tremendous difference it makes in terms of creating the room consider brighter so the off with furniture we’re gonna position three quartz stairs three quartz slabs after which three more quartz tears now this creates a satisfactory sitting subject then moving over to the kitchen working a location of furnace two blocks of white concrete a cauldron with a tripwire hook on high this looks like a sink and faucet two blocks of iron with an iron door on front if you wish to have some additional delivered gentle that you can additionally put a sea lantern or a bit of glowstone beneath the cauldron as it’s going to let gentle move through and we’re gonna place two torches beside the door a painting and then an extra torch beside that now relocating over to this dark o.K.Wall we’re gonna position a crafting table underneath the stairs to quartz slabs and then a painting on prime with torches on either part now we’re gonna transfer on to doing the chess room this can be a lovely repetitive design simply make a column of darkish very wellplanks every two blocks after which we are going to put double chests in between over here you wouldn’t have enough space to make a two-block hole so simply fill within the wall now we’re gonna location torches on the entire columns except the ones at the end after which as I stated before position double chests in between which you can additionally put glowstone or sea lanterns beneath here so now with this chess room it’s hidden and out of the way and you don’t have to litter the relaxation of the condo with chess so now we’re gonna move external to do the deck or pool area commencing via inserting two torches across the door or beside the door after which two furnaces right in front of the window with a corpse slab to the left and two court docket slabs to the right connecting the courtroom slabs to the stone pillar and then we will place a cauldron in between after which we’re gonna proceed the bar with court docket slabs inserting 4 and then basically two on the finish or a block with a purpose to entire the bar also if you wish to have you might put a torch on the stone pillar I selected to not now we’re gonna go over to the left side and make the two lounge chairs going one block faraway from each wall we are going to place a block of quartz with two court slabs in front go over one area after which make the identical lounge chair after which now we’re gonna position random banners on the partitions after which this simply appears like hung up towels which rather helps the pool theme after which in entrance of the door we’re simply gonna play some math using blue carpet so now there’s simply a different factor to do for the outdoor we’re gonna go over to the stone wall and making use of wood trapdoors we’re gonna outline a flowerbed fill it with dirt and then put in something saplings or flowers you want this just fills in that vacant house so now we’re gonna head within and go upstairs where we are going to start building the partitions to make the bedrooms so there is relatively only two partitions we ought to construct so making use of white concrete going one block over from this window we’re gonna drag this all of the means out and then connect to that wall to the left of the square window now which you can raise this as much as the ceiling and this may increasingly enclose bedroom number one knock out two blocks to your entry now opening here at the corner of this wall we’re gonna build out two blocks again utilising my concrete and then join it to the other part of this rectangular window and this will be the wall for bed room number two knock out a doorway and then we might adorning so beginning by means of inserting two black beds then we’ll place darkish o.K.Planks on either facet and then to add something further to this wall I put the other way up darkish very wellstairs on the roof then with flowerpots and flora on high of those dark o.K.Planks and that knocked out this block right here position glowstone with a painting on the front now the portray will light up may also location one more painting here with a chest within the corner and then I made a single block painting right here and then external we’re gonna make the sitting area using alrightstairs particularly you might make this sofa as significant as you wish to have I simply crammed up many of the house but if you wish to have a smaller one in all direction you can do that after which for the ottoman I simply use all rightslabs regularly I pick open-ended stairs on the top of these couches but considering the fact that this one’s so tremendous I simply did the closed-ended stairs so now we’re completed with the primary bed room we’re gonna transfer into the hallway and just add this little styling characteristic putting two columns of grey concrete with darkish very wellplanks in the center two flower pots on prime and then anything flower you want to put in and now we you can see we’ve got the glowstone on this facet the place we are able to position a portray on top that you would be able to put it on the left or right aspect it doesn’t quite topic so now relocating into bedroom quantity two we’re gonna fill in this little corner piece with white concrete after which making use of dark alrightslabs we’re gonna construct as much as the ceiling construct across down out two blocks on either facet then we are going to situation grey concrete in the back with a painting in the center and then one dark all rightslab over here on the correct for a shelf which will put a flower pot and a flower on prime after which a chest in the nook and two black beds now we’re gonna go external to do the sitting area inserting very wellstairs unless we hit the stone column and then continuing but for this one I did open-ended stairs the couch is a little bit smaller than the one on the first bedroom then again use okayslabs after which we’re gonna do the remove darkness from painting once more knocking out a block exchange glowstone after which put a portray on prime put a torch beside the door after which we just have one other step to do to complete the upstairs and what we must do is cover the whole of the upstairs with white carpet this hides all of the weird wall patterns from the ground beneath so now we’re gonna appear at some before and after pictures just to see what a gigantic difference with me you’ll discover all of the furnishings and that fine ceiling exchange really helped so much and on the outside appears utterly extraordinary then relocating upstairs we’ve this enormous open house not quite being information now now we have these two really excellent bedrooms which makes use of the distance most of the time this will likely be much better however that’s fairly gonna be it for this video I simply wish to say now that this apartment has an interior it’s surely a contender for my favorite condominium but and of course in case you appreciated the video please leave a like and also subscribe so that you just would get all my new videos but thanks for looking at and i’m going to capture you guys in the next video

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How to Cut Lillypilly Copper Sheets

Hi this is julie with beadaholique.Com pursuits so i’ve laid out an assortment here and i have a pair extraordinary patterns going undoubtedly and you’ll be able to see i have distinctive embossed patterns after which i also have unique patinas on high of them one thing i do wish to help you recognize is that this is truely the same patina but it’s yet another insurance policy and these are all gonna vary of direction these are different sheets on the grounds that one is embossed and one isn’t however the patina you’ll see despite the fact that it’s the equal style of patina the exact sample and the amount it covers goes to fluctuate which makes for particularly distinct art portions so I’ve received these amazing embossed sheets and in addition a couple stable ones too which can be thirty six gauge thirty-six gauge is not gonna be it is quite flexible i will just bend it with my palms is not taking any force after which I’ve additionally received a a lot improved very sturdy 24 gauge sheet as well and these are all within the copper you can see they’ve bought their satisfactory copper backs i have an suggestion undertaking right here that I’ve carried out and that’s a little bit scarf the place I’ve taken the lillypilly copper sheets truely reduce a circular to suit within the bezel environment here and then I took youngsters that I gap punched and then I simply curled their edges with my fingers so I need to exhibit you how handy this is to cut I’ve got some sheets right here I’ve already been working on now if you’re working with a 36 gauge that you could cut it with a pair of scissors which you can just go like that so that you could get excellent curves to it or if you happen to like you could cut it with a pair of steel shears it can be gonna cut actual convenient as well and what’s satisfactory about the 36 gauge is you can absolutely keep punch it with a paper punch now don’t forget paper punches were not intended for this purpose so it will wear down your paper punch quite a bit faster than if you’re utilising paper all you have got to do put it in there and what’s pleasant which you can clearly see the place you’re gonna punch it and i love to make use of both hands so I put it over it squeeze and it punches a bit circle for you or something shape punch you’ve got that you could tell it does ruffle the edges somewhat bit and which you could simply flatten that out along with your fingers or if you happen to like that you may curve it up into some thing shape you wish the sides will be a little bit sharp that is best and rounded right here but in case you had a paper cutter that had rectangular corners they’ll be just a little bit sharp so bear that in intellect now should you desired to use the 24 gauge copper sheeting what you’re going to need to cut it with will not be a pair of scissors however you’re going to need your middle shears or a jeweler noticed and so that you could reduce this one can find I’ve already reduce a little bit notch just cut it like so and it can be very handy to reduce and once more it is going to have some sharp edges so that you might wish to file these down with a diamond file now an additional choice moreover to the paper punches are metal gap punches I’ve obtained just a little round one right here a 1.Eight millimeter and you’ll be able to see all of it you have got to do put the sheet between the 2 noses and punch you might have a excellent little hole and that is all there’s to cutting and utilizing the lillypilly copper sheets you

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