Interior Design Showcase 2017 | Lloyd Phillips | University of South Wales

I’m doing a hostel at the moment just nothing in there door building in can’t bake for a building things like victoria building by large i used to be like a broker called exchange building and there’s little bear walked in he doing my design has to change into a hospital there’s not many building grown cars previous people could go through in like hotels it is the big number people ride in throughout the years don’t try to be or not to the hostel so I know where to find these the CAD plans which was on the things that come to the website and then draw PDF guy to get the pad land and then design from their lens come up with a onset and a proposal then you have to do like a 3d model either r 3f mac like futon or physical one like Emily said I want to go into more design role or hoping to do that that’s on a year out in there do little realities which is a visualising company even though it was not as I bid I still got to see porcelain sign yourself to have four coming days and then you build again much yeah very good zero is the big thing yes happy now she’s got a good year and that’s it really good attracts over yeah

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