DIY Blanket Ladder | Rustic Decorative Ladder

Step up your style with this cool, decorative wooden ladder. It’s not a tool for climbing, but it’s a great tool for getting compliments. It’s practical and rustic, and best of all, it’s easy to make. It should take about 45 minutes and cost around 25 bucks. Here are the materials and tools you’re going to need. And of course, you’ll find them all at The Home Depot. For materials, you’ll need two two-inch by two-inch by six-foot select pine boards, one two-inch by two-inch by eight-foot select pine board, 10 number eight two-inch wood screws. Now for the tools. You’re going to need a circular saw, a drill with eighth-inch drill bit, measuring tape or a carpenter’s square, a pencil, a sanding block, clamps, and of course, safety goggles.

For optional materials, you’ll need paint or stain for the pine board pieces and safety gloves. Now, let’s get to work. Using the measuring tape, measure and mark cuts on the two-inch by two-inch by eight-foot pine board according to the cut list. You will end up marking five 18-inch sections. Next, use a circular saw to make the marked cuts on the select pine board. Use the clamps while making the cuts. Use the sanding block to smooth any rough edges. Paint or stain all the cut pieces. Wait for the pieces to dry prior to assembly.

Now, mark five holes 12 inches apart and 12 inches from each end on each of the two-inch by two-inch by six-foot select pine boards. Carefully pre-drill a hole using the eighth-inch drill bit. Make sure the drill goes all the way through the board. Hold each rung against the pre-drilled holes and drill through the sides into the end of the rung. Last but not least, time to attach the rungs. Screw the two-inch wood screws through each side into the end of each rung. And that’s it. You’re done. It’s the perfect ladder up to your next big project. For even more hands-on help and projects, go to, and sign up for an in-store workshop near you.

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